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ATOMS Education Meets Cake Ninja

ATOMS Education? Cake Ninja? Where did those names come from I hear you ask... And who is the Cake Ninja? Well all is about to be revealed.

It began in the 90s. Imagine a small girl - eagar to please - wanting to help make cakes with her mum. She isn't quite tall enough to reach the kitchen worktop - being around 7 years old. That girl was me - Stacey. At the time I was a Creamer and the Creamer name was well known for fantastic cakes in the village where I live. My mum's cakes were delicious! At that point, I wanted to be able to cook as well as her.

So how does that explain the 'Education' part???

As I grew older, I decided that I would like to become a teacher (I had tried my hand at baking and not had much success). I finished school, went to college and then on to university to train to be a teacher. In November 2007, I graduated - I was a fully qualified teacher. I went straight into my first job working as a Reception Class teacher in a school in Hartlepool. The next 7 years would see me working in a variety of settings - including Children's Centres and Nursery Schools. In 2014, I was offered a job in a County Durham school where I had a fantastic opportunity to become Acting Assistant Headteacher for a year. Whilst working as a teacher, I continued to practise baking, as I was determined to be a great baker like my mum.

One of the many fancy dress outfits I wore as a teacher.

But how does that explain everything?

In 2017, I had a huge change in my life - I adopted the most amazing daughter. I decided that I wanted to spend more time with her and my family - I already had a son who, at this point, was 15 and I was happily married (9 years) and now a Deinali. Working in a school took a lot of my time and so I left teaching in order to have the time with my family that I desired. My baking had became quite good at this point - due to all of the birthday cakes that I had made for my son. My friends suggested that I start up my own cake business. I was unsure. I knew nothing about starting up a business and was daunted by the prospect of being my own boss.

A birthday cake for my son.

So how did I become self-employed?

After a lot of encouragement and many hours of research, I was finally convinced that I could do this - I could start up my own cake business. I contacted the local authority and registered my premises for the production of food. I also sought advice from a business advisor. I was about to start up my business - but what to call it?

Well - you may remember that I had adopted a little girl. Before our daughter knew about me and my family, we knew about her. We knew that it was going to be her birthday before she moved in with us and we wanted to do something special for her birthday. I decided to make her a cake. As she wasn't allowed to know about us at this point, my husband had to be stealthy and sneak the cake into her foster carers house whilst she was not there - like a Cake Ninja. There it was - the perfect name for my business!

And now... a birthday cake for my daughter.

I still haven't explained the ATOMS Education part?

Now I thought that I had found a fabulous idea for a business - making cakes - I decided to go ahaed with. But... there was one thing missing, or at least, I was missing one thing. I was missing working with children. I remembered a conversation that I had had with a friend about a year back - talking about providing educational workshops like an author who had visitied our school multiple times. It the hit me - why don't I put my two passions together - baking and teaching. It was then that I decided to run my business under two brands - Cake Ninja and, well, something else where I provided food technology workshop.

So, how did I come up with the name ATOMS Education?

It took me a while and a lot of conversations with many people but I finally had an idea - what if my workshops incorporated different aspects of the curriculum through food technology? I then had another idea - what if I then expanded later and had other workshops that focused on different aspects of the curriculum? Could I then create an acronym using the first letters of the subjects? The idea took the form of ATOMS - Art, Technology, Oracy, Science and Maths.

And there it was - ATOMS Education meets Cake Ninja!

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