About Mini Ninjas...

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Our Mini Ninjas branded workshops focus on early childhood development through messy play, dance, song and imaginative play.  The activities support development of key skills that are required for future learning.  Our sessions are developed by Stacey Deinali - one of our directors who is an experienced Early Years primary teacher and has had experience as an Assistant Headteacher.


Stacey studied Primary Education at University of Sunderland where she specialised in Information Technology and, through her classroom career, has been an Early Years Foundation Stage Coordinator and has supported and advised staff through her work in Children's Centres, Day Care Nursuries and with family workers.  She has had a significant amount of training that looks at early childhood development and the research that supports it.


Our Mini Ninjas workshops are designed to encourage sensory, imaginative play, support movement and muscle strength, develop speaking and listening skills and support development of relationships and friendships.  The sessions address the children's developmetal stages and link to children's interests where possible.  They support the aquisition of skills that are important for future learning and future development including pre-requisites for team work, resilience, positive mental health, creativity and communication skills.   Our workshops are carefully designed to ensure that all children in their early childhood stages are able to creative, sensory play and develop in a safe environment that addresses all stages of early development.