About Cake Ninja...

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Our Cake Ninja branded workshops and after school clubs focus on developing children’s skills across our key areas of Art, Technology, Oracy, Maths and Science using cookery.  They are developed by Stacey Deinali - one of our directors who is an experienced primary teacher and has experience as an Assistant Headteacher.

Our cookery workshops are designed to be fun, engaging and practical - linking into children’s interests and developing key life skills that are essential for adult life.  The sessions support children in looking at the applications of cookery and how the skills can be used at home and in different occupations.  The sessions support the development of team work, resilience, positive mental health, a healthy lifestyle and communication skills.  They encourage children to be creative and inventive through using a design process.   Our workshops are carefully designed to ensure that all children of different ages are able to access and learn cookery skills - regardless of ability or needs - and that all children participate and get to take (or eat) their own product.


Children are actively encouraged to adapt and invent recipes and are given the opportunity to trial their meals.  They are given the opportunity to host cafes, design products and hold stalls so that they can see how their skills and work can be used in real situations.  Through doing this, we involve families in the sessions so that they can be part of their children's learning.